Birthday Song - Frankie Cosmos

Feb 27, 2014

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Blockbuster Video Graveyard

new godspeed you black emperor album art 

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It’s like the director wanted to one up Mélies so just decided to have the moon vomit all over everyone 


1908 silent film, Excursion to the Moon

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Escape From Tomorrow, An Unauthorized Indie Fantasy-Horror Film Shot Secretly Inside Disney Parks

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gif from my lov poem “truely madly deeply

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space, man

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Andy Gilmore

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i am eating a plastic bowl of impostor macncheese

and thinking of arches national park in utah, united states

i am thinking of utah and the redness of the sand and the mormons

backstroking across the great salt lake

and how the mormons will never be content with their being and

occasionally wear special underwear

and how i am occasionally content and never 

wear underwear that is particularly special

i am thinking of how i want to do to a television set 

what nature has done to arches national park in utah, united states

i empty my jean pockets and pull out quarters and old peanuts

i toss the peanuts at a poster of kennedy on the wall

i let the peanuts collect on the tile floor

the peanuts support a bacteria colony

the bacteria colony thrives, marries, pursues a profession, 

grows old, perishes, accepts a monarchy, rebels, 

institutes democracy, elects leaders,

perishes again, studies astronomy, and develops space travel

i am trying to find anagrams of august

though i know there aren’t any

and watching a quilt of insects advance across my window

i am thinking of your eyes as car headlights

fading from summer to fall to spring 

to summer again

and even though it is already september

i still cannot see any traces of them lifting over the pavement

this is not a love poem, i am just hungry

i am always hungry and i am always in love

i am thinking of owning a hawk one day

i am sitting in a tire swing that smells profusely

of the titular kimya dawson song and seaweed

and hear cicadas orbiting the foliage

that are whistling in unison and are content whistling in unison 

and i am ok to die eventually but not any time soon

i eat a large slim jim and feel slightly more masculine

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space, man

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Walter White and the Amazing Blue Crystal Meth: A Breaking Bad Rock Opera

Shout out to my fantastic former teacher Drew DiFonzo Marks as Jesse Pinkman

Sep 6, 2013